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Data and Dashboarding for hotels, businesses and charities in London, United Kingdom

Make better decisions and maximize your ROI by effectively measure and monitor your digital marketing performance - all through visual data reporting.

It is incredibly important to have strong marketing campaigns, and it is equally important to know whether they work. This is where tracking comes into play - through proper implementation of Google Analytics, you can unveil the data or insights about your business, quality of traffic and gather real-time statistics of user interaction that will allow you to make continuous improvements to maximize your results.

Let's start tracking your marketing

Website Traffic

We believe the best decision should be made based on quality data. By correctly setting up your tracking & Google Analytics will allow you to correctly analyze your marketing efforts and better understand your website users. Optimise your marketing efforts towards better conversion results and eventually make better, data-driven business decisions.

Dynamic & Interactive Dashboards

When it comes to online marketing, we all know that data plays a crucial role. But hundreds of different data points from multiple sources can be too complex and time-consuming. With our dynamic and interactive dashboard, you can combine all your marketing analytics in one single platform, including key performance indicators to understand the big picture of your marketing performance, without being overwhelmed with details.

Keep an Eye on What Matters

Now with your customized data dashboard, it is time to let your data work for you:
- Track your key performance indicators
- Direct connection with multiple marketing platforms
- Consolidated data through spreadsheets
- And much more