Web design and development

…creating unique user experiences

We are not just another website development agency, we specialise in high end, bespoke website designs and apps developed to deliver a unique user experience to the end user.

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Websites which deliver

...reflecting your brand

Your website needs to reflect your business. Your character. Your values. An off-the-peg site can’t deliver that, so our team specialises in bespoke websites and app development. We’ll also drive your sales with a more effective ecommerce site, or you can use our templates to get online at top speed.

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Our Development Process

…six steps to take you online

1. Research

We need to know about your business, your market, your competitors and your industry before we start to think about your site. We’ll explore what your customers love, what they don’t and where they go online. It takes research and analysis to arrive at the right message.

2. Prototype

Ideas lead to prototypes and wireframes until the right design emerges. Now’s the time to start planning pages, structure and content.

3. Working model

The prototype is refined and details added. We experiment with colours, layouts, animations, transitions and typography to create a seamless whole. You’ll be fully involved and your feedback is important. After all, it’s your site.

4. Full development

From working model to full functionality – it’s all a matter of coding and uploading content.

5. Testing

It’s ready for a trial run and some feedback from your most valued customers. They need to like the site just as much as you do, and you can show them you value their opinion.

6. Ongoing support

Once your site is up and running, we’ll train your team to use our straightforward content management system. Moving forward, we can help your site to develop in line with your business. A one-year warranty is standard. Or you can take an optional extended warranty or service contract.

Our content management system

…fast and secure with MODx

Our content management system of choice is MODx. It’s easy to use, secure and scalable. Based on PHP, it allows us to quickly build the most complex websites, while giving you complete freedom and control over your content.

Modx Content Management System- Our CMS of choice

User friendly

…with access control

You can assign multiple user ids with variable editing rights.

Built-in asset management

...easy uploads

Upload your content at the click of a button. Then edit, delete, rename or download it just as easily.

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Ecommerce websites

...driving sales

With so many ecommerce sites vying for your customers’ attention, visibility is the key to driving sales. Basing our design on extensive customer research, we utilise a variety of platforms, such as Magento, to create online retailing that boosts your brands and your income.

SEO success

…it’s down to content

We develop websites using industry standard best practice for strong SEO. However, the biggest factor in achieving a high ranking is the quality of your content and keeping it up to date.

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Content services

…we’re here to help

Great websites are content hungry. Great content drives traffic. We can provide content writers working in English, Spanish, Nepali and other languages.

Your website

…made easy

You’d like to be online fast. You want to keep costs down. Meet our website-made-easy initiative. We’ll give you a choice of templates, you pick your colours, then upload your images and content. All done. A professional website, ready for your customers in minutes.

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