Email Marketing and Campaign Management

...your strongest weapon

Email marketing has a lot to recommend it. It drives conversions and has the highest ROI. You can reach out to your target audience across a range of devices, anywhere in the world, at any time. Use it to grab people’s attention, keep them informed and manage your customer service.

Traditional Email Marketing 

…drive interaction

A great email campaign is one of the best ways to snag your prospects’ attention. But it needs to work across all the devices they use, from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Our team can create clear, compelling designs that will look good however your customers access them – and boost engagement, interaction and sales.

Transactional Email Marketing 

…manage customer relationships

This is a relatively new way of building up loyalty and brand recognition. Transactional emails are triggered by interactions on your website, such as buying a product, making an enquiry or tracking a delivery. They’re an effective way of maintaining a relationship with your customers and are great for upselling.