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Introduction to the MODX manager

The MODX manager interface is divided up into 3 panels, each panel contains important information that help you navigate the manager, create content and administer your website.

The Manager area is divided into 3 panels

  • Top: Admin Menus
  • Left: Site tree
  • Right: Editing area

You can resize the left-hand panels by dragging the middle bar left or Right.

[The site administrator can also configure the layout differently]

The Site Tree

This is a list of all the pages in the website, arranged in a hierarchical order. This is where you select the pages you want to edit, move or delete. You can use the Site Tree Icons to perform actions on the tree.

New Resource, New Weblink, New Symlink and Purge deleted Resources. (Note: Depending on your access level, all icons may not be accessible or visible.)

Site tree icons


You can right-click on a resource's name in the Site Tree to see the Actions Menu. The Actions Menu gives you additional shortcuts.

You can create resources, containers and weblinks in an existing Container. To do this, right click on the resource in which you want to create the new item and select one of the "Create" options. This simplifies the process of organizing your content.

Site tree context menu (right click)

Previewing on the Live Site

Under the site tab, click on the word “View” to view your web site. Alternatively, you may want to keep your web site open in another window or browser tab. Then you can refresh the page to view any changes you make once you have saved the resource. If the menus don't appear correctly, or new content is not showing after refreshing your browser, click on Clear Cache in the Admin menu.

Resource quick links