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One of the joys of creating and building websites and apps is the sheer number of tools we create along the way to help speed up our development, improve our performance and build better programmes. This section contains some of the tools we make and share so you can improve your websites/ designs and systems. We'll try our best to document everything but sometimes it may take us a little while. For now, check out the tools we use below...

Modx FRED JSON Editor

MODX FRED is an amazing new Extra for Modx that gives users an easy way to manage and update their website while keeping the full custom development style that makes Modx the awesome CMS it is. This tool enables FRED developers to easily create new JSON options for their elements.


WHAT! Another CSS framework... but why? We'll tell you why - Kubish is a combined CSS framework taking the grid from Flexbox and the super lean Kube CSS framework and smashing them together. The result... a super lightweight, uber powerful non-bloated framework that gives our websites superpowers! Check it out.

MODX help

Modx is our CMS of choice, it's flexibility, scalability and advanced security features make it by far one of the best CMS on the market today. This section has been designed to help our clients use their MODX website. If you are not a client of ours, then don't worry, you can still use these resources to help you.