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Your business card may be small, but it needs to pack a punch. It’s out there in the front line of commerce, so it needs to effectively promote your brand, your business, your vision… It might be the only piece of printed collateral a potential client has – this small card has to inform as well as encourage someone to make contact. So how do you achieve that?

Small card, big impact

Your business card will be approximately two by three-and-a-half inches. That’s a very small space to create an enduring – and accurate – image of your business. As well as the basic contact information, it should let people know what you do and give them a flavour of the sort of business you are. It can’t say everything about you, so you’ll need to consider carefully what to include and use graphic design to create a lasting impression.

Our tips for business card design

  • Use your logo as the basis of your design and don’t introduce extra colours
  • Don’t cram the card with text – keep it simple
  • Make sure you include all your essential contact details – name, phone, email, website, social media accounts
  • Use a clear, legible type face
  • Even if it seems counterintuitive when you have so little space, leave plenty of white space
  • Depending on your market, you might try something a little different to make your cards stand out – for example, you could try a different size or orientation for your card, or use a die cut shape that reflects some aspect of your business or product
  • But don’t be tempted to make them too large – people want to tuck them into a pocket or a wallet
  • If you can fit your information on one side of the card, you could use a photographic image on the other side to add impact
  • Different materials can also have an impact – plastic, textured card, metal cards – anything that will spark interest
  • Embossing and foil stamping are an option, especially if you want to give your card the glitzy, glamorous treatment
  • Spot colour can also be used for impact
  • Keep your text at least 5mm from the edge, and ensure that it’s large enough to remain legible
  • Avoid using a border on the card, as it will show up clearly if the card isn’t printed entirely straight
  • Make sure you double check all of the information on your card before going to print – a wrong digit in a phone number can be a massively expensive mistake

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