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It might be small, but the call to action (CTA) on your website is one of the most important pieces of marketing copy you’ll ever write. It’s your way of driving conversions and moving your potential customers further down the funnel. There are a few tricks to writing the most effective CTAs – such as using action-packed text, dynamic colours and eye-catching buttons. So read on and discover what will work for you.

CTAs – the basics

You’ll need a CTA when you want to encourage your visitor to take a specific action. They usually appear at the end of your marketing message, and invite the reader to find out more, get in touch, leave details, register for an event or buy a product. They can also be located in the navigation bar to ensure there’s always a CTA on view.

How you phrase your call to action will obviously depend upon what goal you want to attach to it, but the most important thing is to keep it brief. Let the visitor know what you want them to do using strong action verbs – for example:

  • Read now
  • Learn more
  • Donate
  • Explore
  • Check it out
  • Don’t miss out

It really doesn’t matter how good your other copy is, if your CTA doesn’t tip your reader into action, all of it has been wasted.

The key features of a strong call to action

  • An interesting directive that makes it clear what the reader is clicking through to – for example, Take a free trial or Buy now and save or Reserve your space.
  • Pick the right colour for your button. It needs to stand out and you’ll see that most CTAs are green, red or orange – but most importantly, it should be a contrasting colour to the rest of what’s on your page.
  • Make your CTA highly visible on the page – the button shape can make a difference, as can the font and size of the text. Use beta testing to work out what design works best for your goal.
  • Keep your CTA text to between two and five words. Any other explanation can go in the main body copy of the page.
  • Use first-person POV. For example, rather than saying Download your free ebook, try Download my free ebook. It can result in a significant increase in engagement.
  • Create a sense urgency by adding a time element – Call now or Today’s offer.
  • Position your CTA above the fold, so every page visitor will see it.
  • Beta test your CTAs frequently and tweak them in response to improve your conversion rates.
  • Don’t use too many conflicting CTAs on the same page. If you give your visitors too much choice, they tend to end up making no choice. Limit your CTAs to one or two on a page.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of white space around your CTA button to make it stand out more effectively.

If you need advice on your website design and your CTAs, get in touch with us using our contact form! (Notice that call to action ;D)

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