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Don't waste your time on your website

Posted on Oct 05, 2018 by Alison  | Comments (0)

Are you spending hours tweaking your website, with minor updates, new pages, refreshing the design and making SEO adjustments? Are you checking the analytics to see which of your changes are working? And the million-dollar question: is this really the best use of your time?

Leave it to the professionals

Endlessly revising your website for better results is only worth doing if you know you’re actually adding significant value – and this depends on how well you understand the complexities of SEO. Your website might end up looking good, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s performing to its full potential. What you need is an online presence that contributes to your business goals in a quantifiable way. And the only way you can be sure of achieving this is by testing and refining what you do.

Put a professional in charge of your website and you might find that they’ll do things differently. They’ll want a set of quantifiable goals, they’ll gather data from your website and they’ll use testing to hone and develop a site that’s most effective for the way you want to do business. If you want a website that contributes, you need to see it not as a one-off project, but as an on-going development.

Let Inside Creative manage your online presence

To make the most effective use of your time, you should spend it doing what you do best – producing your product or selling your service. You’re the expert at that. However, when it comes to web design and development, and using your online presence to achieve your goals, we’re the experts.

So it makes sense to put us in charge of your online activities.

We’ll come up with a coherent strategy to maximise your impact online – from progressive web apps and websites to email marketing and social media content. Our modus operandi is to start with research – on you and your business, on your customers and their needs, on your competitors. Each project we undertake for you is built from the ground up, using our innovative skeleton framework. We don’t use pre-bought themes. All of our work is bespoke, designed with your business objectives at the heart.

We’ll create a comprehensive online portfolio which might include website design and development, progressive web app development, email marketing templates, CMS development and custom system development. Each element has a role to play and each one will perfectly complement the entirety of your online presence. We’ll also make sure that your online presence continues to evolve in line with your business goals – we can make sure your website and web apps are responsive to market conditions and changing customer needs.

Interested to learn more about what we can do for you? Get in touch via our contact page now.

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