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Press releases are a critical tool in a public relations strategist's arsenal. Writing a great one can be a challenge in a world that has inboxes filled with spam, junk mail and tweets. Make your press release stand out from the rest with these practical tips:

Kill 'em with your headlines

Start with a great subject line. You need to grab people's attention from the get-go introduce your press release with an engaging headline and accurate information.

Journalists receive tons of emails every day, so it's crucial you attract their attention with the right subject line. Make it worth their while. Use action verbs that show you aren't wasting their time.

Get right to the point.

Always assume that no one cares. Journalists will generally read the first sentence then skim through the rest. Get straight to the point with the what, when, who, why, and how.

Reporters are extremely busy people, so get your message across without any fuss. With thousands of emails to read, who has the time to go through all that fluff?

Provide all essential information

Once you get their attention, establish the facts without making them overthink! Tell them right away why your story is newsworthy.

Make it easy on the eyes.

Grammar is everything! Double check your writing and watch out for spelling mistakes or unclear sentences. You want them to take you seriously, and lousy writing can get your story ignored, no matter how exciting it may be. We recommend using a tool such as Grammarly to check your copy.

Use quotes

Quotes are a great way of providing insight into your organisation while giving a human voice to your press release.

K. I. S. S.

Keep it short and simple! Don't waste anyone's time. Try to keep your release to one page; you may have loads of things you want to talk about but stay focused and keep to three main points.

You are writing a press release, not an essay. Around 400 words, three or four short paragraphs will do the trick. Also, try to avoid industry jargon that only you and your company understand.

Call to action.

Remember, a press release is still a marketing piece so make sure you tell your readers exactly what you want them to do. Call us on, visit our website, join us at our event, are just a few examples.

Writing a press release is a great way to promote your company, product or service, so it is crucial you get it right first time! At Inside Creative, we've been writing client press release's for years, so give us a call on or contact us here to talk about your next press release.

How to write a great press release - Infographic

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